Are we forgotten

It seems as though that we are the forgotten.  The mothers once we’ve laid our babies to rest it doesn’t stop there it is just the beginning for us while everyone else go on with their lives back to life as usual we can never go back to life as usual because for us life as usual would include the child that’s gone we try to go on as usual but it’s just not quite right no one knows that you are screaming on the inside no one knows that you want to fall in the floor and just stop  breathing family and friends seldom come back to see about you and when they do the first thing they say is I know how you feel because when Mama passed or when my brother or my cousin pass but the truth is you don’t know how I feel there is no comparison not to downplay your mother your brother or your cousin but there’s just no comparison. Your child with someone that you carried in your womb you nurtured and labored  to get them here you watch them grow you coddle them you were their hero their protector their first love ,you taught  them everything that you needed to teach them and now they’re gone that’s not easy and you see we have it embedded in our minds that children bury their parents not parents bury their children so with that being embedded  now we’re suffering with the why the how and it’s not supposed to be this way but the truth is that’s what our parents and grandparents told us.

Logic according to Kim

I’ve learned that being a mother is not just a blessing it’s a curse an experience a challenge. It’s joy and heart ache and no matter how old your children get you will always have one of those feelings ,  just at different times and different levels. And today I will tell all mothers to enjoy your babies and allow them to be babies ,  because once they stop sitting on your lap they start sitting on your heart.It saddens my heart to see so many children being rushed to grow up , By their parents.We have mom teaching daughters how to  twerk  and parents getting high with their kids, Dads telling their sons how to survive in prison.And very few teaching self respect , life & family values or brotherly love we’ve got to do better , as a whole we’re losing our babies rapidly , when I was growing up it really did take a village to raise a child and I’m so glad my parents knew ,understood and respected that. I thank God for Miss Pearl next door , Miss G and Miss C across the street Miss Bell down the street just to name a few not their real names of course. My point is we need to go back to teaching , motivating  and  inspiring our children to love and respect themselves and others and to be the best human beings that they can be and we need to allow the village back in the community or build a new Village just logic according to Kim

Is it regret

People say they regret   this or that , what is it that you regret the experience or the lesson , either way I’m not sure I get the true concept of regret because you either get a lesson or an experience out of that bad thing or disappointing thing so, I personally I try not to live with regret now what I do is try  to take from that bad thing and see what the experience or lesson is/was  and pray that I have it and that I get an understanding from it.