Have you ever noticed sometimes how God will put you in an uncomfortable situation just to see how you’re going to deal with it or to see if you going to try and fix it or let him do what he does, I have truly learned if he bring you to it he will also bring you through it and even with the knowledge of that, I still find myself trying to fix it what ever or whoever the it may be at that time, what happens when you pray and ask God for something and he gives it , but because it is not wrapped up how you thought it would be or should be or it doesn’t fit the description you had in your head but it is 90% of what you wanted what do you do about the other 10%  do you try and fix it ? knowing  you can’t do you let it go ?  Do you wait on God to do what he’s going to do honestly that’s  truly the hardest right there , and knowing that his time is not your time , Nor is his thoughts your thoughts but I had  to learned that 10% I didnt want makes the  90%  a  100% and  if  I work my patience and allow God to be God he will perfect that thing just for me.