What does Inheritance mean to you

According to Proverbs 13:22 good people leaves an inheritance to their children’s children and for so long when  I’d read and think of this passage  I’d think of money or  material things then my mom passed and as I looked over her life and things she left the material  things didn’t even matter but what does matter is she left love standards morals and great memories things that we  can teach our children snd their children generations how to give love and share how to stand for whats right how to treat others and self and if you don’t  stand for something you will fall for anything now I can’t speak for no one else but from where I stand that type of inheritance beats any monetary inheritance she also left her grandchildren the sweet flavor of faith and the zest of life I say flavor of faith because my moms faith was so strong and she demonstrated it like advertising an irresistible desert and life to her was a refreshing  and new experience daily And thats why it’s been so hard on us and we’re still in shock this woman was in such great shape 67 years young on no meds walked like she was in a marathon every day and loved it took life everywhere she went and shared her zest with everyone she met.As I’ve thought about her and her life this was definitely inevitable which took me to John13:7 When Jesus said what I’m doing now you don’t understand but you will later so although it’s hurting us to the core of our being there is a blessing that we will see and understand later.

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